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Thank you for visiting the Web site of Janice M. Cauwels, Ph.D.


A writer, consultant, and internationally acclaimed author of four books working in the New York metropolitan area, Dr. Cauwels has been recognized particularly for her projects in corporate communications, medicine, instructional design, and entertainment.  Previously a member of the Drama League and a member patron of the Theatre Development Fund, she is now a Designated Life Member of the Authors Guild and the Modern Language Association.


In addition to celebrity letters, references are available from Fortune 100 and other corporate and medical clients as well as several academic colleagues.  Copies of these letters as well as client lists and work samples are available upon request to @cauwels.





Corporate Communications

Although her services encompass all types of corporate communications, by client request Dr. Cauwels has focused primarily on marketing, training, technical, and financial materials.


Medical Communications

This category includes projects and lectures in Continuing Medical Education (CME), marketing, and patient information.


Imbroglio:  Rising to the Challenges of Borderline Personality Disorder

Its relationship to the topic of an earlier book inspired Dr. Cauwels to write about borderline personality disorder.  A main selection of the Behavioral Sciences Book Club, Imbroglio has been endorsed enthusiastically by most of the leading experts on the illness.  The book was reviewed exclusively in psychiatric professional journals.  Unlike most hardcover midlist books, which are remaindered within months, Imbroglio was in print for 11 years.  One reader contacted Dr. Cauwels to request ongoing guidance 27 years after being interviewed for it.


"A comprehensive and thorough presentation, certain to inform and guaranteed to challenge the reader, whether he or she be a patient, professional, relative, or curious layperson."

          From the Preface by Thomas H. McGlashan, M.D.

          Director, Yale Psychiatric Institute


Other Books

Dr. Cauwels' other books include one for medical professionals as well as one used and recommended as a textbook.

BulimiaThe Binge-Purge Compulsion

           "Cauwels' book on bulimia is the best volume for the layman that is available."
                    C. Philip Wilson, M.D.

The Body ShopBionic Revolutions in Medicine

           "The up-to-date accuracy of [Janice Cauwels'] account recommends it to both patients and medical professionals."
                   Pierre M. Galletti, M.D., Ph.D.

Errors of the Heart:  Effective and Iatrogenic Treatment of a Borderline Case

           "Gripping, moving, terribly sobering and humbling."
                    Ann Appelbaum, M.D.


Multimedia Training Programs

Increased service demand in this category reflects the ubiquitous use of such interactive approaches.


Other Instructional Design

Along with writing in various genres, Dr. Cauwels' instructional design experience includes project creation/management, training programs, and proactive improvements in efficiency and morale.


Technical Writing

Having customized the Authors Guild template into an easily navigable 42-page Web site, Dr. Cauwels has been engaged by several clients to design layout/graphics as well as write technical copy. 


Feature/Culture Writing

This category includes features, reviews, book chapters on culture, letters on literature and history, and two published first-person narratives.



Dr. Cauwels has worked in entertainment herself, and her writing has generated complimentary references from Jane Fonda and Sir David Suchet.



An honors alumna of one of the country's most prestigious doctoral programs in English, Dr. Cauwels has taught at three major universities. 





The following entries are from first-person material. 


St. Eve the Unknown

Readers' comments:

"This cracked me up.  Thank you so much for writing this."

"Your writing is brilliant."

 On December 8th some year during my crabby adolescence, I decided that the Virgin Mary must have had a standby. . . .


 Questions About Absurdities

• Once removed, which are most likely to skitter or float out of sight:  used staples, punched-out three-ring paper holes, or plastic ties attaching clothing tags? . . .


Stuff About Spud (1928-2011)

In the spring of 2009 at his request I arranged for Spud Murray, the full-time batting practice pitcher for the New York Yankees from 1960-68, to meet Jane Fonda while she was performing on Broadway. . . .


The Ford That Hated Chocolate Ice Cream

Driving behind a Ford always reminds me of a sedan that hated chocolate ice cream. . . .


Subway Snow White

Reader comment:

"Your writing is excellent. Thank you for sharing it!"

 My scariest experience in the New York City subway involved neither crime nor craziness. . . .


 Ash Worry

Fairy tales that come true in reality can be highly traumatic. . . .




 Porn Films and Suit Boxes


The phone calls from my parents ought not to have caught me off guard, coming as they did not long after the conflict between my suit boxes and their porn films. . . .


 Undebunkable Ghosts


Despite all my attempts to prove otherwise, I must admit that it was Nedy's ghost who had stuffed my shower cap into a toilet bowl . . . .