Janice M Cauwels, PhD


Each of the following headings links to a page of credentials, client lists (where applicable), and work samples in that specialty.

Corporate Communications
Although her services encompass all types of corporate communications, by client request Dr. Cauwels has focused primarily on marketing, training, technical, and financial materials.

Medical Communications
Please consult this page for details about projects and lectures in Continuing Medical Education (CME), marketing, and patient information.

Imbroglio: Rising to the Challenges of Borderline Personality Disorder
Its relationship to the topic of an earlier book inspired Dr. Cauwels to write about borderline personality disorder. A main selection of the Behavioral Sciences Book Club, Imbroglio has been endorsed enthusiastically by most of the leading experts on the illness. Unlike most hardcover midlist books, which are remaindered within months, Imbroglio was in print for 11 years. One reader recently contacted Dr. Cauwels to request ongoing guidance 27 years after being interviewed for it.

"A comprehensive and thorough presentation, certain to inform and guaranteed to challenge the reader, whether he or she be a patient, professional, relative, or curious layperson."
                                 From the Preface by Thomas H. McGlashan, M.D.
                                 Director, Yale Psychiatric Institute

Other Books
The work featured on this page includes one professional medical book as well as one used and recommended as a textbook.

         Bulimia: The Binge-Purge Compulsion

         The Body Shop: Bionic Revolutions in Medicine

         Errors of the Heart: Effective and Iatrogenic Treatment of a Borderline Case

Multimedia Training Programs
The growing use of interactive multimedia training programs is increasing the demand for Dr. Cauwels' services.

Other Instructional Design
Along with writing in various genres, the instructional design experience listed here includes project creation/management, training programs, and proactive improvements in efficiency and morale.

Technical Writing
This page lists technical materials describing innovative products and services.

Feature/Culture Writing
Included here are features, reviews, book chapters on culture, and letters on literature and history.
                                (Unpublished first-person narratives appear on the Miscellany page.)

Dr. Cauwels has worked in entertainment herself, and her writing has generated references from Jane Fonda and David Suchet.

An honors alumna of one of the country's most prestigious doctoral programs in English, Dr. Cauwels has taught at three major universities.

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Pfizer's flagship quarterly magazine, for which Dr. Cauwels wrote the cover story on the science and marketing of Viagra

The Bristol-Myers Squibb annual report in which Dr. Cauwels was quoted

The issue of Madison Avenue containing Dr. Cauwels' article on the marketing of bionics