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Technical Writing

To create this Web site, Dr. Cauwels customized the Authors Guild template into an easily navigable layout more relevant for prospective clients.

Web Site Design, Consultation, Other Work

Mandarin Learning Newspaper

English content and design advice for forthcoming Web site

Prudential Financial Services

Declining of long-term contract to revise the corporate Web site


Proofreading and copy-editing of and other company Web sites

World Nutrition Inc

Copy revision and advice about organization, appearance, and keywords of two forthcoming Web sites

In addition to the book on bioengineering and her medical writing for clients, other technical materials written by Dr. Cauwels have described innovative products and services.

Technical Writing

Control Data Corporation

Senior executive management of 18-month communications project for Engineering Services involving the writing of comprehensive procedural descriptions for product development

Trintek, Inc.

Proposals to commercial and defense industries for strategic product development and integration, including re-engineering, assembly, packaging, logistics, field test support, and security

Honeywell Inc

• Recruiting booklets for the corporation and for its Solid-State Electronics Division (copy writing, layout/art consultation)
• Three months' contract work for the Technology Strategy Center editing engineering field test plans and communication systems reports
• Article ghostwritten for the Associate Director of Production, Military Avionics Division

SmartNet Solutions

• Proposals for content management systems and Web, print, and brand design and marketing
• Press releases and other marketing materials

Sperry Univac Defense Systems

Recruiting booklet (copy writing, art consultation)

Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium

Three months' contract work editing copy and art for diskettes and support materials

Net Trip Computers

Background research; technical, marketing, and proposal writing and editing

Syncsort Inc

Case study article on cross-platform backup software used by a major bank

3M Company

White paper on micrographics

B H Electronics Inc

Owners' manuals for Model 620 and Models 660/690 video sounders

Fairview Community Hospitals/JRB Associates, Inc

Press release and brochure describing mainframe and microcomputer data processing systems for hospitals

Waterworld News

Descriptions of over 160 Water Environment Federation conference exhibits and other products

Conference Exhibit Description Excerpts

The new APS fiber-optic-incorporating Analite nephelometer comes in comes in two models—1 to 2000 and 10 to 30,000 Ntu—and measures upon insertion of its stainless-steel probe into the sample. The unit has a 0- to 1-V recorder output and comes with a 9-V Ni-Cd battery and power supply/charger. It can be supplied with a 20-m cable.

Acrison will emphasize that its Polymair Model 500 polymer preparation system eliminates traditional handling problems. The unit’s features include a totally enclosed, desiccated air-dry polymer-dispersion and –conveying system with an on-board, automatically regenerated air dryer, a dry-polymer pickup, and an exhaust air-scrubber system. The company’s model 515 and 550 polyelectrolyte-processing modules will also be exhibited.

On display at the Chemtrac Systems booth will be a polymer control system for optimizing dosage with BFPs, centrifuges, DAFs, and clarifiers. The Polytrac™ system consists of a streaming-current monitor (SCM), its sampling equipment, and a microprocessor controller. The company says that the monitor’s sensor eliminates plugging problems and makes the system “operator friendly” for maintenance. The pump controller uses the latest “auto-tune” technology, which minimizes the need for operator attention. Users of the system have reported chemical reductions as high as 35 percent.

The EC1000 process pH-monitoring system that Hack will be promoting monitors and controls pH in many industrial and municipal applications. The system’s electrode assembly features a reference electrode design with a free-flowing, non-clogging liquid-to-liquid interface. The company reports that this design ensures free electrolyte flow and increases electrode life. Microprocessor-based for reliable sample monitoring over the full 0- to 14-pH range, the system also measures millivolt potentials and temperature.

Modern Process Systems will feature its series T410 gas feeder all-vacuum unit, which feeds Cl2, SO2, CO2, and NH3. Some versions offer direct-cylinder or ton-container mounting in capacities up to 500 lb/day (Cl2), whereas others have automatic switchover capability and pacing.

The AccuTrak ultrasonic lead detector to be featured by Superior Signal is designed to spot a broad spectrum of industrial vacuum and pressure leaks in equipment during installation, manufacturing, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Models VPX and VPX-WR (water-resistant) have a frequency range of 20 to 100 KHz and a sensitivity of -54 dB/μbar. Each detector incorporates patented circuitry that screens out background noise to discriminate leak signals accurately and reproduce them in the audio range. The unit has a military-quality headset, sound generator, wave guide, horn restrictor, and charge adapter.

Copyright ©1992 by PennWell Publishing Company. Reprinted by permission.

Excerpt from Software Marketing Sheet

For Web site reproduction, the client has requested omission of company and product names.

To solve his backup problems, the Technical Services Analyst switched to [product], with which he is so pleased that he hasn’t bothered to run benchmarks or other tests. “No other product that I’ve used does as well,” he says, “so I never even made it to the point of trying to test at that level.”

The hardware heart of the company’s backup systems is a Qualstar 412360 with 360 AIT-2 tapes. Tape capacity is 50 gigabytes native and more than 125 gigabytes compressed. Running 12 drives concurrently, the Technical Services team is using [product] on the company’s all-fiber network to back up close to 300 gigabytes per night to the Qualstar: about 150 gigabytes from 6 AIX boxes, 60 gigabytes on 20 NT servers, and the rest off 25 NetWare servers attached to Xiotechs. In addition, a branch site runs a Qualstar 4440 that is managed remotely from headquarters through [product].

The company’s combination of UNIX, Netware, and NT requires a cross-platform backup solution, and [product] has given the Technical Services Analyst the performance he needs. “I have no complaints whatsoever about our throughput,” he says. “We have been getting about 22 megabytes a second with the AIX, about 5 megabytes a second from NetWare, and close to 8 megabytes a second for the NT. And when we move to SAN, we expect those numbers to increase."

Draft excerpt from Solid-State Electronics Division Recruiting Booklet

Bipolar Technology

Linear Bipolar Circuits

Having offered linear bipolar process and design capability since our inception, we have delivered linear circuits to many other divisions over the years.

Linear usually applies to all nondigital (logic and memory) circuits. Because we have used our linear process for some digital applications as well, it actually serves a general purpose for a variety of circuit functions including sensors for magnetic fields, temperature, and light.

Our end products using linear bipolar technology include:
• Hall sensors for MICRO SWITCH keyboards and other Hall-effect circuits
• photo detectors and associated integrated signal conditioning
• general-purpose circuits such as oscillators and op amps
• custom circuits requiring high-performance process characteristics

Digital Bipolar Circuits

The Schottky Direct-Coupled Transistor Logic (DCT2L) is a bipolar logic family with higher speed, power, and density than the ECL or Schottky T2L. Our packaging options include the standard and gold bump TAB processes.

We have designed, processed, and tested the following DCT2L circuits:
• gate arrays I (144 gates) and II (240 gates)
• 8-bit universal presettable polynomial generator
• factional adder
• bus interface control circuit
• 8-bit matrix shifter
• 4-bit arithmetic logic unit
• 3- and 4-bit keyboard encoders
• PLZT decoder-driver
• TID coil driver
• continuous focus proportional controller
• high-speed encryptor

Current Mode Logic (CML)

A very high performance extension of the previous logic family, CML-E features independent parity generation on arithmetic parts and non-functional testing (NFT) on register parts. The two-level series gated structure has a 0- to 0.5-volt signal that is temperature- and power-supply-compensated. We have simplified the device design by using five general-purpose master slices.

The CML circuit family includes the following:
• quint 2-input NOR/OR
• quad. 3-input NOR/OR
• dual 5- and 8-input NOR/ORs
• single 4-input NOR/OR
• 5-bit 1 of 2, dual, and 1 of 4 selectors
• 2-bit 1 of 8 selector
• cross bar
• carry save adder
• 3- and 10-bit parities
• 4- and 5-bit binary ALUs with parity
• 4-bit binary-decimal ALU with parity
• 10-bit register with NFT
• 5-bit J-K register with NFT
• 5-bit 1 of 4 select register with NFT
• 4-bit counter with parity and NFT
• 13-bit binary multiple generator with NFT
• 17-bit equality compare
• 4 X 5 and 16 X 5 simultaneous R/W register with NFT
• bus driver


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