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Multimedia Training Programs

The growing use of interactive multimedia training programs is increasing the demand for Dr. Cauwels' services.

eTime for Non-Exempt and Premium Pay Employees

Interactive online program to introduce financial employees to a new timecard software system

Interactive online training programs for use by physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and pharmaceutical sales representatives

        Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving
        Project Management
        Strength Development
        Time Management
         Introductory and marketing materials

The home page, with the introduction reproduced below

Welcome to Pinsonault Associates’ iBusinessAcumen training applications.

Leaders in all disciplines of the health care industry have identified deficiencies in fundamental business skills among their personnel. Pinsonault Associates has responded with iBusinessAcumen, which combines the best thinking about management skills with our unparalleled experience in developing online training applications targeted to the industry.

Incorporating both the instructional design expertise we have applied to our highly acclaimed programs in managed care and the most current data and cutting-edge technology, iBusinessAcumen presents the insights of leading authorities on business skills distilled into essential principles applicable to everyday professional situations.

Topics range from individual strength development, fundamentals of critical thinking, problem solving, effective communication, and time and project management to more collegial techniques of effective leadership, management for success, teamwork and collaboration, and integrative negotiation.

These principles are illustrated by examples relating to daily business activities. Your personnel can measure their progress through testing and certification while applying what they learn immediately and directly to their everyday professional lives.

Hospital Selling

A four-hour training program, including a Web-based workbook, for pharmaceutical sales representatives

The Hospital Selling program overview

Program Overview

Today’s most effective medical product representative must understand an increasingly restructured, extremely dynamic health care environment. The standard methods of evaluating prospective targets, prioritizing time, customizing sales approaches, and following through with information and other services must be applied in an evolving and increasingly complex situation that in some cases is attracting government scrutiny and legislative response. The Hospital Selling sales training program informs you how best to navigate and optimize this rapidly changing environment to help ensure your success in promoting your product in any type of hospital.

This module focuses upon selling products in the hospital environment. It supplies you with information critical to successful promotional efforts. Regardless of what type of pharmaceutical product or medical device you sell, this program will help you to work confidently and professionally while making optimal use of your time. Pharmaceutical representatives who complete the program successfully will have educated and prepared themselves effectively to serve both their company and their customers.


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