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A published narrative appears on the Feature/Culture page

Questions About Absurdities

• How is it that high school students are old enough to have sex but not old enough to cross a street without a guard present to stop traffic? Read More 

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Stuff About Spud (1928-2011)

Link to the memorial page for Spud, who passed away on 15 September 2011. A memorial service was held on June 30, 2012.

In the spring of 2009 at his request I arranged for Spud Murray, the full-time batting practice pitcher for the New York Yankees from 1960-68, to meet Jane Fonda while she was performing on Broadway. Read More 

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St. Eve the Unknown

On December 8th some year during my crabby adolescence, I decided that the Virgin Mary must have had a standby.  Read More 
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The Ford That Hated Chocolate Ice Cream

The current newsworthiness of Ford Motor reminds me of a car of theirs that hated chocolate ice cream. Read More 
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Subway Snow White

My scariest experience in the New York City subway involved neither crime nor craziness. Read More 
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Ash Worry

Aspects of literature that occur in reality can be highly traumatic. Read More 
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